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Grand Master Kyung Sun Shin

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1933, Mr. Shin began his martial arts training in 1943 when the world was deeply involved in WWII. During the Korean War, he served with distinction in the Special Student Battalion of the Republic of Korea Army (ROK). He was liaison with the U.S. Army, using his knowledge of English, and was a member of the Special Student Combat Police, having completed the combat police training required by the ROK Army, and where his martial art skills were invaluable. It was during the very turbulent times following the armistice where Mr. Shin's martial arts expertise was essential to his successful self-defense from an attack by a gang. These events were later chronicled in Black Belt Magazine's Twentieth Century Warriors published in 1971
Master David Duville 5th Degree
Master Carolyn Sievert 4th Degree
Instructor Kevin Williams